Peak Sleep Clinics have a variety of devices to diagnose and treat sleep disordered breathing. CPAP Therapy Devices deliver both a steady and bi-level flow of air throughout the night through masks that are properly fitted to your face. A Peak Sleep Technician can help you find a mask that works for you.


We have a variety of CPAP machines, each coming with a heated hose and humidifier (excluding the Kego Transcend travel CPAP). Having a humidifier is especially important for those living in Alberta, as it can help reduce dryness and congestion. By adding moisture to the air you will avoid getting a dry throat and congested nose and will have you waking up ready for the day. Having a humidifier means a heated hose is very important to prevent any condensation that happens, and we have a variety of heated hoses to complete the package.


Peak Sleep Clinic carries a variety of full face, nasal and nasal pillow masks to suit your sleeping style and desired level of comfort. Full face masks cover the nose and mouth, and is the best solution for preventing mouth leaks and are ideal for mouth breathers. Nasal masks cover the nose, and nasal pillows rest at the entrance of your nostrils, and can be more comfortable to wear. Masks come in many shapes and sizes. You can work with your Sleep Therapist to help you choose what is most comfortable for you.


We have a variety of heated and non-heated hoses that can be sold separately or come with a CPAP machine should you decide to purchase. We also sell a variety of other accessories, including filters to help keep out dust and other allergens, pillows designed to help you achieve a comfortable position for sleep, chin straps to keep your mask and headgear nice and snug, and mask wipes to keep your mask clean.


If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and would like to trial a CPAP machine and mask, phone us at 403-265-8149 or visit us at one of our locations to get started.

If you already have a CPAP machine/mask/etc. and are needing replacements, we do sell parts separately. Remember, masks should be replaced every SIX months, hoses YEARLY, and machines EVERY THREE YEARS.

Taking Care of Your Equipment

  • Remove the mask/nasal pillows from the headgear and clean with warm, soapy water. Let air dry. Do this on a daily basis.
  • Every week, be sure to clean the filter and headgear with warm, soapy water. It is best to do this by hand. Let air dry. Wipe your machine with a damp cloth.
  • Every month be sure to replace your filter(s) (if applicable)

Using Your Equipment

  • Peak Sleep offers a variety of masks in different sizes and styles to ensure you are provided a proper fit.
  • Any headgear you use should be fastened securely but not too tight. Make sure no air is leaking from your mask
  • Remove your mask by pulling it over your head.
  • If you suspect a leak, please contact Peak Sleep and we will work to find a mask that offers optimum fit and comfort.